How Canadians get the energy they need while protecting the environment we all share.

Every day in Canada, millions of barrels of petroleum products and trillions of feet of natural gas flow safely through transmission lines operated by the members of CEPA (the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association). Every year, members move approximately 1.2 billion barrels of liquid petroleum products and 5.4 trillion cubic feet of natural gas each year. That is 97 per cent of Canada’s daily crude oil and natural gas from producing regions to markets throughout North America.

CEPA has made a commitment to Canadians to deliver the energy they need in the safest most responsible way, and a big part of that is protecting the environment. CEPA combines the expertise of Canada’s leading pipeline companies to work together to continuously improve safety until we reach our goal of zero incidents. This site will show you how we do it.

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How will this be achieved? Do we have any kind of actual plan yet? If so when will it be implemented? How much will it cut fossil fuel consumption? What affect will it have on the Canadian economy? Also, what about the long term? Eventually we will run out of fossil fuel, so what then? Is this only a temporary solution, are we only delaying the problem rather than facing it head on? What problems could these new methods and technologies open up when we put them into place and how will we combat them? Will they be environmentally friendly? - Ty Stone, Fredericton, NB
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