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CEPA members operate 119,000 km of natural gas and petroleum liquids transmission lines in Canada. These large underground pipelines carry these products long distances – delivering them from processing facilities to areas across Canada where people need them.

Pipeline operators take every precaution to be safe, environmentally-friendly, and to respectfully engage with Canadians who live in the communities that pipelines operate in.

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How will this be achieved? Do we have any kind of actual plan yet? If so when will it be implemented? How much will it cut fossil fuel consumption? What affect will it have on the Canadian economy? Also, what about the long term? Eventually we will run out of fossil fuel, so what then? Is this only a temporary solution, are we only delaying the problem rather than facing it head on? What problems could these new methods and technologies open up when we put them into place and how will we combat them? Will they be environmentally friendly? - Ty Stone, Fredericton, NB
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