Why do we have pipelines?

As long as we have oil and gas in our lives, we will need to transport those products safely and efficiently, and transmission pipelines have been proven as the safest way to do it.

Canada is vast, and because transmission pipelines are underground, they are a practical and safe choice for moving large quantities of oil and gas long distances. In fact, CEPA companies transport enough crude oil and petroleum products to fill 15,000 tanker truck loads or 4,200 rail cars every single day.

CEPA members’ underground pipeline network transports three million barrels of oil every day.

Shipping by pipeline makes sense

Pipelines are safe and more cost-effective than the alternative transportation options. Pipelines also require significantly less energy to operate than trucks or rail, and have a much lower carbon footprint. Beyond their practicality, pipelines also bring economic benefits to our local communities and our country.

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Why we need pipelinesWhy do we need pipelines?

Myth vs Fact

Pipeline companies do not take responsibility for their spills
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