CEPA answers your pipeline questions

You asked, we answered. This is the first blog in a series that will explore common questions Canadians have about pipelines and the oil and gas industry, answered by industry experts.

Now more than ever, Canadians are interested in pipelines. They’re curious about the future of petroleum products, carbon taxes, greenhouse gases and alternative fuels.

And they’re even more engaged in how the whole picture fits together: how oil and gas flows through pipelines, gets refined, ends up in our cars and homes, and powers our economy.

How do we know? Because CEPA is often asked important questions about pipelines and where oil and gas products fit into our lives.

This week, Laszlo Varsanyi, Vice-president, New Ventures for Enbridge, tackles this question:

With a major shift to electric vehicles, will oil and gas even be needed in the future?

Take a look. You might be surprised by his answer.

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