What does the energy sector do for Canada?

Canada is an energy country. We have the third-largest oil reserves in the world (after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela) and the energy sector is one of our leading providers of exports and revenue. Pipelines enable us to use oil and gas products to build our prosperity across Canada.

Benefitting all Canadians

Every single Canadian, and every part of Canada, benefits from pipelines. Billions of dollars in royalties, land payments and corporate and personal taxes from the oil and gas sector fund essential federal and provincial government programs and services like health care, education and Canada Pension Plan.

Billions of dollars flow to government programs because pipelines safely transport energy

Surpassing all other sectors

The oil and gas sector, together with mining, make up a large percentage of business investment in Canada. Those investments keep thousands of companies healthy employing hundreds of thousands of Canadians.

Oil and gas is a key sector for investment in Canada.

Supporting a healthy export economy

Trade with other nations brings in vital revenue, and energy is a huge contributor – 23 per cent of total merchandise exports. For 2014, that meant $122 billion worth of Canadian oil and natural gas, 97 per cent of which was transported by pipelines.

Exploring a sustainable future

CEPA members are committed to delivering energy products safely. And as renewable energy is becoming more and more important to Canada, our industry supports it 100 per cent. In fact, Canada’s second largest wind power producer is Enbridge, and TransCanada is exploring wind, hydro and the generation of electricity from waste heat.

CEPA members support renewable energy, investing money and resources to develop new energy sources.