Where are transmission pipelines located?

The About Pipelines Map shows you all the transmission pipelines, facilities and pipeline incidents in Canada. You can enter your postal code or community to learn more about the pipelines in your area.


Where can I find general pipeline routes?

These maps show you the general routes of CEPA member pipelines in North America – proposed and current; liquids and natural gas. Visit our member projects maps.

Making sure you Click Before You Dig

These maps do not show the precise location of pipelines. You must always Click Before You Dig.

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What is the amount spent/allocated for security/maintenance/monitoring of the pipelines per KM of pipes/per liter (or cuFT) of oil moved/per liter of fuel sold at the pump? - Guillaume
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Myth vs Fact

If pipelines are taken out of service because they are no longer needed (retired), the costs and risks associated with the abandoned pipeline falls to the owner of the land where the pipeline is located
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