How are pipeline companies reducing greenhouse gas emissions?

CEPA members use both innovative technology and strict maintenance practices to mitigate emissions. This includes replacing old equipment with new, more energy-efficient units and using new technology to find and repair small pipeline leaks, such as portable gas detectors and ultrasonic detectors.

Members are also exploring ways to produce renewable energy to reduce the amount of emissions generated. For instance, CEPA member, Enbridge, is invested in 16 wind farms.

Creating clean energy from operations

The compressors used to move natural gas through a pipeline generate heat, much like your car’s radiator. CEPA members, including ATCO Pipelines and TransCanada Pipelines, capture this heat and turn it into clean energy, in the form of electricity. In fact, the waste heat from one of TransCanada’s compressors is generating enough clean electricity to power up to 4,000 homes in British Columbia’s Crowsnest Pass.

Myth vs Fact

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