How do pipelines benefit Canada?

For something you don’t often see, pipelines bring important benefits to Canadians. Not only do they deliver energy safely, but they also deliver prosperity across the country. There is job creation, but also energy independence and tax revenues that fund important programs across Canada.

Employing Canadians

There are many jobs in the pipeline industry supporting families across Canada; an estimated 34,000 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs in 2015 that created about $2.9 billion in income. These jobs are spread across the country – with 30 per cent in Alberta, 24 per cent in Ontario, 21 per cent in Saskatchewan and the remaining 25 per cent across the rest of Canada.

From remote communities where there aren’t a lot of employment opportunities to Aboriginal communities to larger towns and cities, the transmission pipeline industry supports many households across Canada.

Over thirty thousand jobs across Canada

Boosting prosperity

The oil, gas, pipeline and mining sector accounted for 28 per cent of the Canada’s GDP in the goods-producing industry sector in 2014. In 2015 – transmission pipeline operations of all types added more than $11.5 billion to Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP). And the oil and gas they transported contributed $81 billion to our GDP through exports. A recent study by Angevine Economic Consulting Ltd. estimates the total GDP contribution of the pipeline industry over the next 30 years is $175 billion.

Pipelines power prosperity.

Building our independence and securing our future

Thanks to our resources, Canada is in control of our energy destiny. Being able to access and transport these resources with pipelines in the safest, most environmentally responsible manner gives Canada the security of energy independence.

Energy security is something all Canadians can be proud of.

Growing our nation

Pipelines connect Canadians in a unique way. Our oil and gas is often found in remote areas where little else drives the local economy. Pipelines transport the resources thousands of kms to other communities where it is processed or refined, and delivered to the people who need it.

Canada’s pipelines, like our highways and railroads, are a link that binds us together across the second largest country on earth.

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One pipe line failure is too many"?? Who came up with this ad? Who thought this was a good idea? How big is the carbon footprint for transporting oil by truck, train and ship compared to pipeline? Seems to be a Hot Topic in Canada why isn't that directive pushed? I pretty much expect 0 answers for all these questions or I figure you will answer the first one in a roundabout way because it's over quota for questions. Surprise me answer them all! - Chad, North Battleford, SK
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