Why are new pipeline projects being proposed?

Canadian oil and natural gas is in demand, both around the world and here in Canada. Expanding our pipeline network will allow us to increase the economic benefits – employment, taxes, investment – that come from responsibly developing the third-largest energy reserves in the world.

If the two proposed projects (Energy East and Trans Mountain Expansion) were operational, there would be an annual boost to GDP of $3.2 billion.

Employing more Canadians, supporting more programs

Currently 24 per cent of the manufactured product exported from Canada is energy-related, and the majority is shipped by pipelines. These new pipeline projects would give us better access to markets and support Canadian jobs. The Canadian economy stands to gain $721 million in labour income on an annual basis, and the operation of these new pipelines would provide an estimated 11,000 full-time equivalent jobs.

Expanding Canada’s safe pipeline network will allow us to grow an industry that benefits all Canadians.

Bringing newer, safer technology on line

Technology advances every day for the safe and environmentally-responsible transport of oil. Important developments in pipe design, corrosion-resistant coatings, inspection methods and monitoring systems are making existing pipelines and new ones, safer. In 2015, CEPA members invested $16.7 million in innovative technology focused on reducing corrosion and improving pipeline inspection and leak detection.

Moving Canadian energy to Canadians

Eastern Canada imports oil from other countries because there is a limited capacity to move energy to the east. Imported oil is more expensive than Canadian oil, arriving by tankers from other countries, like OPEC nations. New pipelines would allow western Canadian oil to be refined in eastern provinces, meeting existing demand.

A proposed pipeline project aims to bring oil to Eastern Canada.

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