How important are pipelines to Canadians?

Every single Canadian benefits from the responsible development and transportation of Canada’s natural gas and oil.

For decades, people in Canada and around the world have relied on natural gas and oil to fuel many aspects of their lives. Now, as we move toward a cleaner energy future, these products will continue to play an important role in meeting global energy demand and enabling the transition to lower-carbon fuels. Pipelines will continue to transport Canada’s energy long into the future in the safest, most responsible way.

The energy industry contributes billions of dollars to Canada’s economy – money that is used to build roads, hospitals and schools, and to help pay for the transition to a lower-carbon energy future.

From providing funding for the programs, services and infrastructure Canadians rely on, to transporting the materials for products we use every day, pipelines touch almost every aspect of our lives.

Impact of pipelines on our everyday livesWhat role do pipelines play in our everyday lives?