December 9, 2015
construction in urban area

Urban sprawl and pipelines – a look at safe expansion (part 2) 

This is part two of our ‘urban sprawl and pipelines’ series, which looks at the measures pipeline operators are taking to manage expanding cities and the increasing demand for energy. Last week, we explored how the transportation/utility corridors (TUCs) in Calgary and Edmonton are providing a safe, restricted development area for pipelines and utility rights…
November 20, 2015

The inside story on pipeline leak detection

Control room operators closely monitor for pipeline leaks using a variety of different methods and technologies. Monitoring for pipeline leaks never stops. In previous posts we’ve talked about aerial surveillance pilots who fly the lines looking for issues; detector dogs who sniff for leaks; and a variety of sophisticated leak detection technologies. We’ve also met…
November 12, 2015
Cameron MacGillivray

Making the oil and gas sector safer 

This is a guest post by Cameron MacGillivray, president and CEO of Enform, the safety association for Canada’s upstream oil and gas industry: www.enform.ca. Cameron MacGillivray, president & CEO of Enform Every year, the oil and gas sector spends billions of dollars on safety research, innovations and programs. That’s a lot of knowledge and expertise…
November 4, 2015

5 facts about pipeline incident figures

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to get balanced information on any contentious subject? Pipelines are no exception – it can be hard to separate rhetoric from hard facts. When it comes to pipeline incidents – things can get confusing. There are a lot of different statistics. Here’s some context to help you…
October 28, 2015

How smart technology is making pipelines safer

Pipeline technology is a hot topic on this blog. In previous posts you’ve read about SCADA, hyperspectral imaging, geographic information systems, geohazard management, and many other technologies, each of which provides critical data to pipeline operators. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of data to process, and every piece that comes in could contain…
October 14, 2015

How this pilot is helping prevent pipeline leaks from the air

This is the third post in our “The human side of environmental protection” blog series. Tom Urie is a familiar sight in the skies of northern Alberta. He’s an aerial surveillance pilot for Envirotech Aviation Inc., a CEPA Foundation member company specializing in pipeline aerial inspection and photography, based in Nisku, AB. While technologies such…
September 30, 2015
Siobhan Crawford

How this pipeline employee is helping protect ecosystems in B.C.

This is the second post in our “The human side of environmental protection” blog series. Siobhan Crawford believes making a positive impact on environmental protection includes making change within a company. That’s why she’s an environmental specialist for Spectra Energy – her role gives her the opportunity to make a real difference. The native Manitoban…