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May 25, 2016
Welding an energy pipeline

Picture this – pipeline weld technology

This is the second post in our ‘Picture this’ series, where we provide photographic answers to some of your pipeline questions. In the first post, we explained how pipeline companies prepare for emergencies, and this week we’re taking a look at pipeline welds. Are pipelines prone to weak spots where there are welds and joints?…
May 11, 2016

5 facts about pipelines and natural disasters

As forest fires rage in northern Alberta and B.C., many people are wondering how much of a danger is posed by oil and gas operations, including pipelines, in the midst of such natural disasters. To find out, we spoke with Jamie Kereliuk, director of emergency management at Kinder Morgan Canada. According to Jamie, preparation for…
April 27, 2016

Dig Safe part 4: Test your knowledge about safe digging

April is Dig Safe Awareness Month, and this is the final post in this year’s Dig Safe series. This week we’re giving you a chance to test your knowledge on safe digging practices. Do you know when you need to call or click before you dig? Before you break ground on that spring landscaping or…
March 30, 2016

Pipeline coating inspectors: how they help prevent pipeline leaks

When you bury a steel pipe underground and leave it there for years, there’s a risk of corrosion. That’s something pipeline operators work really hard to prevent – as we’ve shared in previous blog posts about cathodic protection and sophisticated coatings that help protect pipelines from corrosion. Coating applied to a pipeline weld. Photo courtesy…
March 16, 2016

Are pipeline companies prepared for threats on their facilities?

Pipelines may be buried underground, but aboveground compressor stations are one of the telltale signs announcing their presence. These small stations look humble enough from the outside, but don’t be fooled by appearances – inside they’re a hive of activity, with compressors, valves, turbines and controls all working hard to keep the product flowing safely and…
March 8, 2016
Pipeline Safety First Responder Training

Picture this – pipeline emergency preparedness

“Are pipeline companies ready for an emergency?” This is a question we hear a lot from Canadians – and rightly so. Although emergencies are rare for Canada’s transmission pipelines, CEPA members are focused on being prepared for quick, effective response. Prepare and practice Some of the ways all transmission pipeline companies prepare for emergencies include:…
February 16, 2016
Cushing Control Center - Enbridge

Step-by-step: a look at pipeline leak prevention technology

In the second post in our ‘Step-by-step’ series, we’re taking a sneak peek at the kind of technologies pipeline companies use to prevent and detect leaks. Join us for a look into the world of pipeline technology: Special coatings protect pipelines from corrosion; but what if the coating gets damaged? To prevent exposed steel from…
February 9, 2016
Tom Knapik

Meet a pipeline professional who’s helping protect the environment

This is the fourth post in our human side of environmental protection series and this week we’re going to get to know Tom Knapik, manager of environment at Plains Midstream Canada (PMC). Tom has an undergraduate degree in geological engineering from Queen’s University, and before joining PMC in 2008, he worked on environmental projects in…