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March 22, 2017

Will blocking pipelines cure hydrocarbon consumption?

Why do we need pipelines? It’s a question we hear often, and the answer lies in the fact that pipelines deliver the products that fuel our lives. The crude oil and natural gas transported in Canada’s transmission pipelines keep our vehicles running, heat and cool our homes, fuel our hospitals and schools, and provide the…
March 8, 2017

Pipeline 101: Test your pipeline knowledge

Every day, pipelines deliver the oil and gas products that fuel our lives. But what do you know about their operations? Take this quick quiz to find out how much you know about Canada’s pipeline network: Are you a pipeline pro, or do you have more to learn? Either way we hope you’ll check out more…
February 23, 2017

Behind the scenes in a pipeline control room

Canada’s transmission pipelines never rest. They run 24/7, transporting the oil and gas products that fuel our lives. And with every pipeline, there is a control room where highly qualified technicians monitor complex data to ensure that everything is running smoothly and safely. Take a ‘tour’ of a pipeline control room Did you know that…
February 1, 2017

Planes, patients and pipelines: the technology connection

How the pipeline industry compares to other industries or sectors is a question we get asked sometimes. And it’s an important question – particularly when it comes to the safety of our operations. Pipelines are monitored 24/7 from sophisticated control rooms where controllers closely watch pipelines and facilities to detect anomalies, assess risks and carefully manage…
January 25, 2017
Worker inspecting pipe

Pipeline FAQs: answering your questions about spills

What are the facts about pipeline spills? Canadians are looking for answers, which is why we often receive questions about spills and safety on our website. This week, in the second of our Pipelines FAQs series, we’re sharing the answers to some of those queries, which are also posted on our Questions page: #1 What…
January 11, 2017

3 facts about pipeline damage prevention legislation

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that we often write about the importance of safe digging. That’s because unauthorized excavation is a preventable cause of pipeline damage. New legislation – Bill S-229 – is currently under review, to help the operators of underground infrastructure, including pipelines, prevent damage from people digging or excavating near their…