You have high standards. And so do we. So let’s talk about them.

The goal of the Canadian transmission pipeline industry is 100 per cent safe delivery of natural gas and liquid petroleum products. You expect this, and we work to deliver.

The Canadian transmission pipeline industry continues to have an excellent safety record, and we are close to zero incidents. In fact, the transmission pipeline industry in Canada has a track record of 99.999 per cent safe delivery over the last decade.

Every year, we report on the transmission pipeline industry in Canada and how CEPA members are working hard to make sure that they provide you, and all Canadians, with the energy you use every day in the safest and most responsible way possible.

The report comes out on June 28, 2017. But, in today’s blog we give you an early peek at the report. We’re proud of two initiatives that demonstrate continuous improvement in our industry. Check out the videos below to learn more.

CEPA Integrity First® – credibility through independent verification

CEPA and our members are committed to being credible, honest and transparent. Together, we strive for continuous improvement. CEPA Integrity First® enables CEPA member companies to work together to strengthen the pipeline industry’s performance in three critical areas; safety, environment and socio-economic impacts. In 2016, the program introduced third-party verification that will validate results and ensure every CEPA member is following through with their commitments.

There’s much more on how we’re doing this in the 2017 Transmission Pipeline Industry Performance Report, but in this short video, Jim Donihee, COO of CEPA, gives a quick preview of Integrity First.


Increasing firefighters’ awareness of emergency response

Safety is a priority for CEPA members. CEPA members work hard to make sure that Canadians have access to the energy they need every day in the safest way possible. Again, there’s more on our commitment to safety in the 2017 Transmission Pipeline Industry Performance Report, but here Patrick Smyth, CEPA Vice President of safety and engineering, describes a partnership with the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs that will help prepare first responders to keep the public, and the responders themselves, safe.


Stay tuned for the full release of our performance report, covering everything from safety to environmental protection, socio-economic impacts to hard data. It’s a comprehensive overview of the transmission pipeline industry in Canada, and we hope you’ll find it interesting and informative.

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