[Video] #PipelinesExposed: Are terrorists and hackers a threat to pipelines?

This is the final post in our four part #PipelinesExposed video series.

Do Canadians need to be concerned about attacks on critical infrastructure such as pipelines?

In this post, CEPA’s former president and CEO, Brenda Kenny, answers your questions about possible threats to Canada’s energy transportation network. Plus, we expose a significant risk to safety and reveal what every Canadian can do to help.

Your questions about risks to pipelines 

#PipelinesExposed: Your questions

We received these questions via Facebook: 

“Why do you believe that you are safe from the serious damage that has been done by hackers?” – George M.

“Who and how will this pipeline be protected from a possible terrorist attack?” – Tony R. (Cambridge, Ont.)

Here’s Brenda’s video response:

Learn about the robust systems pipeline companies use to continuously monitor their pipelines and about the emergency response plans put in place to protect the public.

And here’s where you can read about the role the Canadian Security Intelligence Service plays in assessing threats to critical infrastructure.

#PipelinesExposed: A common threat to pipelines

One of the most common causes of damage to pipelines is actually something every Canadian can help prevent. Take a look:

Protect yourself, the public and the environment from pipeline damage caused by construction and excavation activities. If you’re planning to disturb the ground, click before you dig.

More answers to your pipelines questions

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been answering your questions in our #PipelinesExposed video series. Have concerns about leaks? Questions about damage from earthquakes? Reservations about emergency response in remote areas? These posts can help you dig up the truth about what’s happening underground:

Is there more to uncover?

We’re always happy to respond to your concerns. Send us your questions about pipelines and the environment any time via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and use the hashtag #PipelinesExposed.

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