The people of pipelines: Jude Daniels, senior legal counsel, energy, operations and engineering law

Close to 550,000 Canadians across the country work for the oil and gas sector, directly or indirectly. This includes people working in a variety of jobs related to the pipeline industry. Building, operating and maintaining a pipeline is a complex process and there are countless people involved along the way. These people of pipelines all play a role in ensuring we receive the energy we need for our everyday lives. One such person is:

Jude Daniels, Senior Legal Counsel, Energy, Operations and Engineering Law at TransCanada


Jude Daniels
Jude Daniels

Calgary Head Office

Time on the job:

I’ve been with TransCanada for five years and in my current role for the past year.


I have a law degree and I’m a member of the Law Society of Alberta, which is required to be able to practice law in Alberta.

What my job entails:

The primary focus of my job is on the development of project applications for regulatory submissions.

I provide legal support to the Aboriginal Relations team and also the Land Department. Part of my role involves reviewing project applications prior to submission to the regulator, giving legal advice regarding a myriad of issues relating to agreements with Aboriginal communities and also Aboriginal consultation. The other aspect of my role is to provide legal support to the land department primarily for land acquisition and land access matters.

How I’ve been trained to help in the case of a pipeline emergency:

I carry the emergency response Blackberry, which alerts me if an emergency occurs at any of the TransCanada facilities.

I have taken several courses to prepare myself in the unlikely event of an emergency regarding any of the company facilities. My training has focused on the incident command system, incident management program, oil spill responses and also specifically on my role during an emergency response. I am also required to take motor vehicle training, oil hazwoper (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) training and field safety training.

What I enjoy most about my job:

I most enjoy having the opportunity to work with the Aboriginal Relations team on agreements with Aboriginal communities.

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