Test your pipeline knowledge with our holiday crossword!

Here at CEPA we hope you’re enjoying a festive holiday season! With quiet holiday afternoons in mind, we created this pipeline themed crossword puzzle to help you pass the time. Hint: if you’re stuck, you can find all the answers in our past blog posts. Enjoy!



2) Pipeline __________ are developed to balance our energy and economic needs with the protection of the environment.

3) A process that involves electrically connecting other metals to a pipe, which corrode more easily and protect the integrity of the pipe. (two words)

7) Pipeline operators undergo this type of assessment every time a new pipeline is proposed. It involves thoroughly investigating and identifying the unique environmental characteristics of any potential routes.

11) Ensuring that a pipeline and all its related components are running properly.

12) An important part of Canada’s pipeline regulatory process. Public __________ are designed to protect public interest and allow interested parties to express concerns, ask questions and ultimately have a say in projects that impact their communities.

14) Every day transmission pipelines transport enough __________ and petroleum products to fill 15,000 tanker truckloads or 4,200 rail cars. (two words) 


1) Wishing you a __________ from all of us at CEPA! (three words)

4) When a pipeline spills, the industry follows this type of plan to manage the situation, including mitigating risks and cleanup. (two words)

5) Canada’s pipeline industry is striving for __________ leaks

6) The pipeline industry has a strong __________ culture in place to protect the public, employees and environment.

8) Sophisticated tools that are used to inspect pipelines from the inside to identify changes such as dents or wall thinning that could threaten the integrity of the pipeline. (two words)

9) This organization regulates the construction and operation, tolls and tariffs of interprovincial and international pipelines.

10) Pipelines are part of Canada’s critical __________.

13) Pipelines are designed to be safe – right down to the carbon __________ that they’re made from. 

Answer key: (click to enlarge) 


The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association represents Canada’s transmission pipeline companies who operate approximately 110,000 kilometres of pipelines in Canada. In 2011, these energy highways moved approximately 1.2 billion barrels of liquid petroleum products and 5.3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Our members transport 97 per cent of Canada’s daily natural gas and onshore crude oil from producing regions to markets throughout North America.