Shared Future: What’s the value of pipelines to Canada’s economy?

Pipelines move billions of dollars into Canada’s economy, nationwide. Yet, many still believe that only a few provinces benefit. The oil and natural gas industry is an important part of Alberta’s economy, but the truth is every single province and territory, and every single Canadian, receives considerable benefits from pipelines.

The oil and gas industry is foundational to Canada’s economy. We have the third-largest oil reserves in the world and those reserves are spread across Canada – from Newfoundland to the northern tundra, to the Saskatchewan prairies, the oil sands in Alberta, and resources in B.C.

Canadians count on pipelines to move these important fuels so they’re available when and where we need them. Oil and natural gas account for approximately 65 per cent of Canada’s energy. Sometimes it’s obvious, like fuel for cars, planes, trains, cooking and heating. Other times, it may be unseen, like harvesting and transporting food, powering fishing boats and ferries, or producing thousands of items we use daily, from cell phones to toothbrushes.


Incorrect assumptions about canada's pipeline benefits


Ways Canadians benefit from oil and gas


Aside from the fuel we need for daily life, Canadians benefit in multiple ways from the revenues the energy industry generates. Here are just a few examples:

  • The billions of dollars from oil and natural gas that go to the federal and provincial governments every year, which support vital programs.
  • High-quality jobs to support families – pipelines directly provide over 15,000 jobs, and indirectly enable over 900,000 jobs across Canada.
  • Taxation and other funds that help build strong, healthy communities – since 2008, oil and natural gas have contributed over $200 billion to fund vital government social programs like health care and education.
  • And since 2005, oil and natural gas have contributed almost $1 trillion to Canada’s GDP.

The energy mix has changed, but Canada’s dependence on modern transmission pipelines to safely provide the energy you need has not. CEPA members are working together to build a better energy future for Canada and the world.

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