Safe digging saves lives, time and money

Beneath our feet – and out of sight – lies a vast network of the pipelines, electrical and other utility cables we all rely on every day.

When there’s damage to those underground lines, the cost adds up quickly… totalling around a billion dollars every year. There’s the cost of emergency response, evacuation, environmental damage and clean up, as well as business interruption. And, there’s the potential for serious harm to people and property in the area.

April 1 marks the official start of Dig Safe Month across Canada. It’s a month set aside to bring awareness to how digging safely can prevent injury and damage. The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association’s (CEPA) members operate tens of thousands of kilometres of pipelines across Canada. Our members work hard to prevent any damage to their systems. And preventing third-party damage is a very high priority.

Here’s an infographic with simple reminders and things to consider before you disturb the ground for any upcoming outdoor projects. Consider bookmarking this blog post for future reference or downloading a PDF copy for yourself. Everyone plays a part in keeping our underground utilities safe.


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