Recognizing advancements in safety, quality and innovation

The people and companies of the energy transmission pipeline industry are committed to continuously improving operations and a target of zero incidents.

To build and operate pipelines safely and responsibly, CEPA members rely on an intricate network of suppliers and contractors, whose work includes everything from planning and construction, to assessments and monitoring.

And these companies deserve some recognition for their hard work, which is why the CEPA Foundation created their awards program earlier this year, and presented the first annual awards at their recent fall meeting.

These awards, and the winners, truly reflect the commitment of the entire transmission pipeline industry to continuously improve – so here they are.


ROSEN Canada won the Innovation Award for their work sponsoring, leading and adopting innovation in the transmission pipeline industry. This award goes to a Foundation member that demonstrates originality and boldness in developing innovative products for the transmission pipeline industry. Their innovation must be impactful and meaningful, not only in successfully implementing the innovation but sharing it broadly across the industry.


Enbridge took home the Quality Award for their constant focus on advancing quality within the transmission pipeline industry. This award goes to a Foundation member that demonstrates commitment to quality, demonstrated achievement, and leadership, including advocacy, for quality management excellence and willingness to share knowledge with the industry.


The Safety Award was presented to Michels Canada for their advancement in safety within the transmission pipeline industry. This award goes to an organization that demonstrates commitment, achievement and leadership in safety.

Outstanding Contribution/Achievement

The Outstanding Contribution/Achievement Award is presented to an individual who makes a significant contribution of time, effort and results to the Foundation and the overall transmission pipeline industry. This person demonstrates professionalism, leadership, significance to the industry, and inclusiveness – and is someone who looks beyond his or her own company and toward improvement for everyone. Winners of the award are Paul MacGregor, former VP, Supply Chain, TransCanada; Kim McCaig, former Executive Director, CEPA Foundation; and Don Wishart, former EVP, Operations and Engineering, TransCanada, who all played important roles in starting the CEPA Foundation.

Big congratulations to all the winners. We look forward to seeing how CEPA Foundation members continue to advance the safety, quality and innovation of the industry at next year’s awards celebration.