Pipelines in 2018: a hot topic

From delays in pipeline project approvals to oil pricing impacts stemming from pipeline capacity constraints – to say pipelines have been in the news this year would be an understatement.

And with those headlines, we are seeing more and more Canadians engaging in conversations about where our energy comes from, how it is transported, what we use it for and what the future of energy in Canada looks like.

As we reflect on the year, the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) wanted to look back on some of the other milestones that helped shape the pipeline industry’s story in 2018:


The International Pipeline Conference

Meeting in Calgary this past September, pipeline professionals from around the world gathered to discuss challenges and offer solutions around issues facing pipeline operators around the globe. Under the banner of Building the Future Now, the key issues examined included how the industry can better communicate with stakeholders, the impact of technological change to operations, how to future proof our workforce by striving for more inclusivity, and how we can reach our goal of zero incidents.


The Joint Emergency Management Exercise

One of the most important aspects of emergency management is preparedness, and that includes the opportunity to practice putting emergency response plans into action.

In 2017 alone, CEPA members held 542 emergency response exercises. And in Ottawa this year, we facilitated industry-wide Joint Emergency Management Exercise for CEPA members and other industry stakeholders. The aim of the exercise was to practice effectively enacting our Mutual Emergency Assistance Agreement, an agreement amongst all CEPA members to help each other in an emergency when another member requests assistance.


2018 Transmission Pipeline Industry Performance Report

Our annual report card to Canadians was released at this year’s International Pipeline Conference. The report outlines the transmission pipeline industry’s performance in 2017 in the areas you told us you wanted to know more about, including incidents. This year’s report centred on our Integrity First program, which is designed to advance performance in 10 key areas covering safety, environment and socio-economic contributions.


CEPA’s 25th anniversary

This year we took a little time to celebrate our own history as an association by marking our 25th anniversary. And while the industry has changed significantly over those 25 years, our commitment to be a unified voice for transmission pipelines in Canada hasn’t.


Having a different conversation with Canadians

The conversation around pipelines and energy use has changed significantly over the last couple of years. And that means we need to start engaging with interested stakeholders differently. Having a different kind of conversation about the role of energy in our lives. This year we have been proactively engaging Canadians online and in person at a Pipeline Dialogue event.

These forums offer stakeholders the opportunity to ask questions about the industry, how we operate and how we can do better. Have your own question for us? Head over to the Your Questions page to submit your query and to read through our responses to other questions from Canadians.


While 2018 certainly had its share of challenges, CEPA and its members remain committed to advancing the transmission pipeline industry in Canada, safely and responsibly, as we look forward to a new year.