Pipelines connect people and energy

Transmission pipelines crisscross Canada, reliably delivering energy every day. Recently our team has been crisscrossing Canada connecting with people. We rely on their energy to advance the discussion about pipelines in Canada, and we hope we bring a little energy to town too with our eagerness to listen

Recently someone on Twitter asked if CEPA was stuck in an echo chamber. It’s a legitimate question since many resource industries have struggled over the years to connect with the public.

Last week we participated in a panel discussion at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce called “Breaking the pipeline bottleneck”. That was the event that prompted the “echo chamber” question. Clever pun @DecisionLab – we salute you for that!

While some might say Calgary is an energy echo chamber, there are lots of voices here too and the room at the Westin in Calgary was full to capacity. Read the tweets for yourself (hashtag #pipelinebottleneck or @CalgaryChamber’s stream).

Of course connecting with Canadians involves crossing the country. Earlier this month we attended the Union of Quebec Municipalities annual conference (tracked on Twitter on #assisesumq.)

“It was the first time for CEPA to meet one-on-one with municipal leaders from Quebec,” said Philippe Reicher, VP Communications at CEPA. “In the wake of major pipeline projects potentially crossing that province, getting basic information to these key stakeholders and listening to their questions and concerns, was very useful.”

Around the same time, we popped in to visit the Lower Mainland Local Government Association at their AGM in Harrison Hot Springs, BC. Their theme was “Embracing the Future – Keeping up with Today” so it was no surprise there were a lot of views regarding pipelines from BC politicians.

“Discussing important issues and engaging Canadians in valuable conversations is always a rewarding opportunity,” notes Sandra Burns, Manager, Communications at CEPA. “People are clearly passionate about resource development and what happens in their province. It was interesting to listen to the different perspectives.”

At the end of April we hosted an Integrity First Symposium in Toronto attended by industry, key environmental, aboriginal, and landowner representatives . It was a refreshingly frank day and a half exchange of views, some of which we captured in a previous post.

As Canadian Chamber of Commerce CEO Perrin Beatty said in his keynote at that event:

“Canadians need to have a conversation on energy, but the debate these days is anything but rational. Surveys show most Canadians know it’s possible to balance development with environmental responsibility.”

Earlier in the year we were at the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities convention (here’s our tweetstream) and last year we were at the Union of British Columbia Municipalities conferencehere’s the tweetstream for that conference.

These are just a few of the major events that CEPA has attended recently. CEPA and its member companies go from province to province, and city to town, talking to Canadians about their energy choices.

As CEPA President and CEO Brenda Kenny wrote recently “The bottom line is this — the public deserves a healthy debate. At CEPA, we welcome anyone to challenge us.”

We know it’s a conversation, and we welcome rational debate. Thank you for bringing your energy and delivering ideas and concerns to us as we safely deliver energy to you.