Overcoming obstacles to keep your energy flowing

In the midst of a global pandemic, Canadians have been able to count on the safe and consistent delivery of their energy. Pipeline companies are prepared to deal with all types of emergencies, including wildfires, floods and cyber-attacks, to keep your energy flowing. Thousands of highly educated and skilled men and women have a deep understanding of how the complex pipeline systems work and how to keep them safe – no matter what happens.

Delivering energy in a diverse climate


Canada has one of the most diverse climates on earth. It can go from -40 degrees in the winter to +40 degrees in the summer. To keep us safe, we need a reliable, resilient energy system as the temperature and conditions fluctuate. Canada’s transmission pipelines deliver energy year-round in all conditions.

Pipelines are designed and built for the environment they operate in and being prepared for emergencies is a significant part of pipeline operations. Employees are trained to prepare for a range of emergency situations to ensure when something happens, they know exactly how to handle it. In 2020, members of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) conducted 341 emergency response exercises.

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Protecting pipelines from cyberattacks


Pipelines are critical infrastructure, which makes them a high-profile target for cyberattacks as shutting down North America’s energy supply will have a negative impact on our lives.

As witnessed with the Colonial Pipeline attack in the United States earlier this year, which shut down the largest fuel pipeline in the U.S.,fuel shortages led to panic buying.

Cyber criminals are constantly evolving, but so are pipeline companies. They share their learnings from events like the Colonial Pipeline attack to protect the industry against future breaches. Companies have their own cybersecurity experts in-house using sophisticated programs, managements systems and protocols while working closely with agencies like the RCMP, CSIS and FBI to ensure our energy pipeline system is safe

Resilient energy serves many purposes


It’s important to ensure a consistent supply of energy to maintain our quality of life which includes the manufacturing of thousands of everyday items. Natural gas and oil are essential ingredients in smartphones and personal protective equipment. It’s another way Canadian energy are touching your lives and highlights the importance of ensuring resilient sources of energy in the future.

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Keeping the energy flowing: We’re on it


The industry continues to improve to ensure its pipeline infrastructure is protected and your natural gas, oil, propane, hydrogen and other products will always be available. So you can take comfort in knowing we are working together to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of energy across North America. We are here for you, now and into the future.