Oh, Canada. We need to talk about energy. Openly and politely.

The conversation on energy has been, well, a little heated lately in Canada. The issues are important — important enough to be discussed in a patriotic and respectful way. You know, in a Canadian way.

That’s the message in a new video from Calgary Economic Development, which is hoping to bring a little humour and perspective to the energy chat.

As the video points out, Canadians may not see eye to eye on this topic, but one thing is for sure: Canada is at the heart of all things energy, including oil, gas, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and more.

Furthermore, we all want to continue to make improvements to protect our air and water. That includes Canada’s biggest oil and gas companies, which is why they are investing billions in new technologies to develop renewables and improve operations.

Still, for now – unless we all commit to riding around on a moose, with no shoes on (or little else) – Canadians need petroleum and its products. Oil and gas still power most of our vehicles and contribute to an incredible array of consumer goods.

Canadians have to view our energy resources in a responsible but also a realistic light, says Calgary Economic Development. We at CEPA completely agree.

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