New CEPA Foundation a milestone in collaboration

CEPA Foundation board director Cyril Karvonen, right, and Kim McCaig, CEPA Foundation executive director, at the launch of the new foundation.

CEPA Foundation board director Cyril Karvonen, left, with Kim McCaig, CEPA Foundation executive director, at the first meeting of the new foundation.

About 130 representatives from across different sectors of the Canadian pipeline industry met in Calgary last week marking a milestone in collaboration for the industry. The newly minted CEPA Foundation is made up of pipeline operators as well as key industry players who have joined forces to make improvements on issues related to energy pipelines.

“We want to work together to share ideas, develop solutions, promote research and promote information on behalf of the pipeline industry,” said Kim McCaig, executive director of the CEPA Foundation.

The foundation was created to bring pipeline operators together with other critical pipeline companies such as (but not limited to) engineering, construction, environmental and legal firms. Working together, these groups could help the industry make improvements in areas like safety, reliability, efficiency, technology and environmental responsibility.

“It’s an opportunity to work with large and small organizations from all the different industry sectors in the pipeline industry with that one common goal of improving the pipeline industry – which I think the Canadian public expects of us,” said McCaig.

The two-day meeting involved a brainstorming session on four key areas where the foundation would like to work together: research, people and skills, outreach and education and operational excellence.

“When you talk about internal inspection of pipes or the technology that’s being used to identify whether there is potential for a leak, all those are key things the entire industry can get behind,” said McCaig as an example of the importance of collaboration on research.

The new CEPA Foundation holds its first meeting in Calgary.

The CEPA Foundation holds its first meeting.

The foundation plans to meet three times a year in different locations across the country. The next meeting is scheduled for April 2014 in Toronto.

With 84 companies already on board, response to the initiative has been phenomenal considering CEPA just started recruiting members in September. McCaig said he expects that number will continue to grow.

“These companies really do want to help that Canadian dialogue and make sure that we are doing all the right things on behalf of Canadians across the country,” McCaig said.

Get more information on the CEPA Foundation and on how to apply to become a member here (PDF).

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