Mythmakers erode pipeline debate for Canadians

The Canadian public deserves a healthy debate regarding pipelines. They also deserve a debate that is low on rhetoric and high on facts. Unfortunately the political climate is so charged on this topic right now, some parties have resorted to mythmaking.

It’s one thing to have an opinion, it’s entirely another to manufacture misinformation to sway opinion.

As CEPA former president and CEO Brenda Kenny wrote in an editorial last week “The bottom line is this — the public deserves a healthy debate. At CEPA, we welcome anyone to challenge us.”

But that challenge should be based on facts and science, not myths. Since our economy, jobs, well-being and environment depend on this debate, Canadians deserve no less.

Canada’s transmission pipeline operators bring facts to the debate, as opposed to the myths perpetrated by those with agendas.

One of the most pervasive falsehoods being spread is that diluted bitumen is more corrosive than other types of conventional crude oil, and is thus a danger to pipeline integrity. Nothing could be further from the truth.

But why believe CEPA when you can believe the world-renowned scientists at Penspen Integrity who wrote in their Dilbit Corrosivity Report “Both Dilbit and Synbit in a crude oil transmission pipeline environment is no more corrosive than comparable heavy sour crudes and in many cases may be less corrosive”?

Seems definitive, right? Good science gets corroborated; it’s the linchpin of the scientific method. That’s why Penspen looked at 40 studies spanning four decades so this matter could be put to rest – on the facts, on the science. Not on misinformation and spin.

As Kenny wrote in the Vancouver Province “These types of tactics are fundamentally counter-productive to creating a rational debate that would help find the right balance between developing our natural resources, protecting the environment and supporting Canadians’ quality of life. In this regard, pipelines remain a fundamental mode of transportation to a modern and well-functioning society.”

Canadians should make up their own minds based on the facts, not myths. CEPA and its members are happy to participate in that kind of debate.