Is this how you picture pipelines?

“Delivering the energy you need in the safest, most responsible way.”

That’s our commitment to you.

And, in a new series of videos we’re showing you how we bring that commitment to life.

In these videos you’ll see a few of the people in the industry who bring their experience and expertise, as well as heart and soul, to building and operating safe pipelines.

You’ll also see some of the innovative ways that the transmission pipeline industry is committed to protecting the environment – including a control room that monitors pipelines 24/7 and a Smart PIG (an intelligent in-line inspection tool) that inspects pipelines from the inside.

And you’ll see what a pipeline looks like after construction is complete, and the landscape restored.

Transmission pipelines have a 99.999% safety record. And, while we are continuously working to improve, we want to show you how we are committed to the safe and responsible delivery of energy to Canadians.




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