Integrity First sets the standard for the pipeline industry

This is part of a blog post series about the performance of the pipeline industry as detailed in the 2018 Transmission Pipeline Industry Report. You can read the full report at

As Canadians, we have high expectations for the companies that deliver the energy we rely on for life in Canada. And for good reason – our health, safety and quality of life are dependent upon the integrity of the organizations providing these services – including pipeline companies.

That’s why members of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) , who operate transmission pipelines, work together through CEPA Integrity First®. As CEPA’s flagship program driving greater collaboration and continuous improvement, Integrity First enables pipeline companies to advance their performance in safety, environment and socio-economic priorities.

However, it is not the only such program operating in Canada; other industries are also committed to systematically improving their performance.

In fact, both the chemistry industry and the pipeline industry “have made strong public commitments” to perform their services in the safest, most responsible and sustainable ways possible, according to Bob Masterson, president and CEO of The Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC).

He shares this sentiment in a video for the newly- released 2018 Transmission Pipeline Industry Performance Report.

Watch the video:

Collaboration key to both programs


CIAC is a leader in performance measurement for the chemistry industry through its program, Responsible Care. First established in 1985, Responsible Care has become an industry standard of its own, having been adopted by 67 countries. In Canada, all members of CIAC must participate in Responsible Care.

And it’s the same for Integrity First, which was established in 2012. All CEPA members are required to participate in Integrity First to be accountable for their performance – in fact, it’s a condition of membership.

“CEPA members have committed to work collaboratively to meet Canadian’s expectations regarding workplace, environment and community safety,” said Masterson.

That’s because CEPA members believe that our industry’s goal of zero incidents will only be achieved by working together in the true spirit of collaboration. Only by committing to work together can our industry ensure its actions will lead to measurable industry-wide improvements.

Learn more about how CEPA members are working together through Integrity First’s 10 priority areas: