In case of emergency, be Alert Ready

For most Canadians, it’s not hard to think of an emergency situation that has hit close to home – the Calgary-Southern Alberta flood; the disastrous fire in Fort McMurray; the tornado in Elie, Manitoba; the terrorist attack on Parliament Hill – these are all events that required quick dissemination of information about what’s happening and what people should do to stay safe.

And while emergencies like these are relatively rare, they do happen. That’s why Alert Ready was developed, in partnership with federal, provincial and territorial emergency management officials, Environment and Climate Change Canada, and Pelmorex Corp.

Alert Ready is an alerting system designed to deliver critical and potentially life-saving alerts to Canadians through television and radio. It is already delivering critical alerts via TV and radio, and starting on April 6, Alert Ready will be available for wireless public alerting (WPA) – sending alerts directly to your LTE or WPA enabled smart phone.


So, what does this have to do with pipelines?


Alert Ready covers critical alerts (for emergencies that are considered life threatening, and should be broadcast immediately), including major fires and Amber Alerts. Under this system, a pipeline incident would most likely go out as a hazardous materials or explosive hazard alert issued by the impacted community or a government regulator.

It’s rare that a pipeline incident triggers an emergency alert at a critical level – in fact, the only pipeline event at that level in Alberta was a sour gas release in June, 2013 (issued by the Town of Turner Valley).

There are a few examples in Alberta of pipeline incidents triggering alerts at an informational level (which does not trigger a WPA alert message), but generally these incidents have no direct immediate threat to life.

CEPA members are committed to delivering the energy Canadians use every day, in the safest and most responsible way. This includes having detailed emergency response plans and being ready to respond to emergencies quickly and safely.

Programs like Alert Ready are important to helping keep communities safe, and ready to respond in any emergency. Read more about CEPA members’ emergency response plans.

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