How CEPA and its members help build a secure energy future for Canadians

Canadians will need oil and natural gas long into the future to fuel life and prosperity in Canada. And for more than 25 years, Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) members have been working together to build a secure energy future for all Canadians. Read CEPA’s 2019 Transmission Pipeline Industry Performance Report.

In this week’s blog post, we take a deeper look at CEPA’s role on behalf of the energy transmission pipeline industry and in service to all Canadians who rely on pipelines to deliver the energy they need.

Let’s start with a brief video that answers the question, “Who is CEPA?”


Four ways CEPA and its members contribute to Canada’s energy future


1. Ingraining safety culture

Safety isn’t just a principle — it’s an ingrained belief, a discipline that influences every CEPA member employee’s actions, from the people in the field to the president. A “second nature” that ensures the highest standards are set and followed. CEPA Integrity First® is key to driving these standards higher.

2. Advancing industry performance

Canada’s pipelines are recognized as being among the safest and most technologically advanced in the world. In striving for a goal of zero incidents, the industry holds itself to the highest performance standards.

3. Pooling expertise and knowledge

Representatives from CEPA member companies meet in 17 different communities of practice and work groups. They share advances in technology and operational practices so that all members can advance their performance.

4. Improving regulatory engagement

Energy is vital to all communities across Canada, so we work with all levels of government to continually improve regulations to enhance pipeline safety and performance.

Learn more about how CEPA and its members are working together to secure a strong energy future in the 2019 Transmission Pipeline Industry Performance Report.