Energy and the election: Questions to ask candidates in the 2021 federal election

Canadians are heading to the polls in the federal election on Monday, September 20th. As candidates work to earn your vote, now is the time to consider what issues matter most to you. Something that affects every single Canadian is Canada’s energy future.

Striking a balanced energy mix will be critical as the economy recovers from the global pandemic and Canada addresses climate change. As new energy sources emerge and the energy mix evolves, it will take time to ensure those new sources are reliable, resilient, sustainable and affordable.

The energy industry impacts every single Canadian—whether you care about creating good jobs, maintaining a strong economy, accessing healthcare and education, or protecting the environment.

So, when candidates knock on your door this month, we encourage you to ask about their vision for Canada’s energy future. Here are some questions to consider.

Questions to ask candidates in the 2021 federal election infographic