Why emergency response exercises are essential

Knowing what to do in an emergency is critical. For CEPA members, preparation is one of the most important safety measures to ensure readiness in the unlikely event a pipeline incident occurs. This includes regular emergency response exercises.

Emergency response exercises are planned and executed to make sure everyone has in-depth training and practice experience with different incident scenarios, equipment and environments. Actual incidents are extremely rare, so simulations are crucial in keeping employees’ response skills sharp and ready at a moment’s notice.


Industry united in a joint exercise


Today, CEPA members are collaborating on a Joint Emergency Management Exercise (JEME) to practice effectively enacting our industry’s agreement to help each other in case of an emergency. The Mutual Emergency Assistance Agreement (MEAA) means the knowledge, expertise, equipment and resources of all members are available to one another, if requested.

“We are in Ottawa to showcase how the transmission pipeline industry collaborates and prepares for response. We hope to learn and take the learnings to focus our emergency response capabilities across the country,” Chris Bloomer, president and CEO of CEPA, told attendees at the exercise.

This exercise is important for CEPA members to have a solid understanding of the steps involved in enacting MEAA, and to practice those steps. The exercise is also an opportunity for employees to prepare for an emergency scenario, including the processes and procedures set out in emergency management plans.


emergency response exercises

Watch the blog next week for highlights from the event and lessons learned.

Learn more about the Joint Emergency Management Exercise from 2014.


4 exercises support emergency response


Today’s exercise is a tabletop exercise, focused on a simulated emergency caused by a weather event. But that’s only one type of exercise. In fact, on average, our member companies hold more than 400 emergency exercises annually — more than one for every day of the year.

These include:

emergency response

Experience an exercise for yourself by checking out the video from one of our previous emergency response exercises.