Eight ways petroleum products fuel summer road trips

It’s July — a month that often signals road trip time, whether it’s off to a tourist destination or the family cabin. No matter where you’re headed, petroleum products delivered by CEPA members’ transmission pipelines are crucial to an enjoyable holiday.

summer road trips

  1. Safety first: You wouldn’t hit the road without doing some basic car maintenance, like getting an oil change or having good tires. Many of your car’s processes and components require oil and its by-products.
  2. Fill ‘er up: More than 90 per cent of vehicles on Canadian highways are powered by gasoline or diesel. These fuels contain no lead, a vanishingly small amount of sulphur, and provide the power to get you to your holiday destination.
  3. Crank the tunes: What’s a road trip without an epic soundtrack? The plastics used to make electronics, such as the phone connecting to your car stereo, are made with petrochemicals.
  4. Stop for a sip . . . : You’re going to need hydration. When you stop for a beverage, it’s likely to be contained in a safe-for-consumption bottle made from petroleum products.
  5. And a snack: That beef jerky and bag of chips are probably packaged in petroleum-based bags. Plus, how did they get to the store? Likely by truck, also powered by gasoline or diesel.
  6. You made it: The boat on the lake awaits! Not only will gas fuel your boat but many modern personal watercraft are made using fiberglass or heavy-duty plastics. Not to mention your life jacket uses nylon and plastic foams.
  7. Stay cool: Checked in at a hotel after a long day on the road? You’ll be glad for the air conditioning in your room and a long shower, often powered by natural gas or oil.
  8. Dinner time: Fire up the propane barbecue, throw the steaks on the grill, and relax. It’s the start of summer vacation.


No matter what your plans are, CEPA members are committed to delivering the energy that enables summer life in Canada.