Damage prevention is a shared responsibility. Let’s make it official.

Have you ever had to replace or install a new fence? It can be a major pain, especially having to sort out who pays for what amongst the neighbours.

In fact, the only thing that could make the whole process more difficult is if your contractor strikes an underground utility when they are digging the post holes. And you might think “no way, that could never happen in my yard” – but think of all the utilities that you have running into your house: natural gas, electricity, water, sewage, cable and telephone.

Every time you put a shovel into the ground there is the potential of serious damage to infrastructure that plays a big role in your family’s life.

So, how do we stop that?

Damage prevention is a shared responsibility. As an industry that operates underground infrastructure, we are responsible for providing you with information on where it’s safe to dig – we will send people out to your work site to perform a locate, identifying where underground infrastructure is in that area.

But, we can only perform locates if we are asked – and that’s where you come in. By going to Click Before You Dig, you can request a locate and be sure that you know where buried utilities are before you dig.

The Canadian Common Ground Alliance (CCGA) hopes to make this shared responsibility official. To make this happen, the CCGA is supporting Bill S-229. The bill, which has had its third reading in the Canadian Senate, calls for:

  1. Federally-regulated underground infrastructure, or infrastructure on Crown land, to be registered with a notification centre.
  2. Members of the public be required to request underground infrastructure locations prior to digging.
  3. Owners of underground infrastructure to respond to locate requests by locating and marking it; providing accurate information of the location; and providing an all-clear if digging can proceed.


Similar provincial legislation in Ontario has reduced damage incidents by 60 per cent, so there is a strong precedent that shows this kind of policy works.

You can help. To show your support for this bill, go to http://icandigsafe.ca/ and fill in the online form to send a message to your MP.

Let’s make this official and get shared responsibility written into law. Dig safe.