CEPA outlook for 2020

In 2020, the pipeline industry needs to be focused on three key areas: collaboration, competitiveness and continuous improvement. That’s the view of Chris Bloomer, President and CEO of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA), who shared his insights on the industry’s top priorities for 2020.

Chris Bloomer, President and CEO, Canadian Energy Pipeline Association

About Pipelines: What do you see as top priorities for the industry in 2020?

Chris Bloomer: We have to collaborate on matters that are most important for the industry. There are a few key areas – especially in stakeholder engagement and related social aspects – that have evolved and will continue to create new challenges and opportunities. We have to embrace that change to understand and focus on what’s important for the industry.

For instance, it means understanding and defining how we can collaborate to support what CEPA members are doing in relation to environment, social and governance (ESG) criteria and reporting. ESG criteria influence decisions about which companies and projects to invest in, how projects are approved and even who does those projects.

We also have to continue building our understanding of issues related to climate change, as well as Indigenous matters and participation. And, we must educate Canadians and clarify misconceptions about our industry to help break down the polarization that is plaguing public discourse on energy development in Canada.

Many of these are long-term priorities. In the short-term, we must see new pipelines in the ground. The Trans Mountain Expansion Project under construction is a great step forward. Clarity and certainty on other major projects, such as Keystone XL, Coastal GasLink and Enbridge Line 3, are all good signals. This positive progress will allow our industry to continue delivering energy in the safest and most responsible way for Canada and the world.

About Pipelines: CEPA worked tirelessly in 2019 to make improvements to Bill C-69. The Bill is now law. How do you see the industry engaging in its implementation?

Chris Bloomer: Bill C-69 has the potential to influence our country’s and industry’s competitiveness. We look forward to working with government on how to move forward on implementation. I believe CEPA and our members will have to advocate for greater clarity and certainty as the Bill is implemented.

A high priority for everyone involved must be to provide investors with the confidence they need to bring their investment dollars and projects to Canada, which will keep our industry and our country competitive.

About Pipelines: What are the most important priorities from an operational perspective?

Chris Bloomer: We will need oil and gas long into the future. As an industry, we have to demonstrate that we can work together to continuously improve safety and integrity. That means it will be critical for us to expand involvement of our industry partners to improve performance.

CEPA Integrity First®, our industry’s performance improvement program, is now fully developed. In 2020, we must continue embedding its processes and measures into industry practices. And we must continue to communicate and share how the industry is applying best practices on environment and safety issues.

About Pipelines blog thanks Chris Bloomer for his thoughts on the pipeline industry in 2020.