Canadian energy: Here when you need it

When you flip your light switch, you want to know the lights will come on. When you walk into your home in the winter, you want to feel the warmth from your furnace. When the “empty” light comes on, you want to know there is always fuel at the gas station.

Reliable energy is important to you. That is especially true in times of great uncertainty. We use energy products like natural gas, oil, propane, jet fuel, diesel, gasoline and hydrogen every day. In times of need, such as natural disasters or a global pandemic, a continuous supply of those products becomes even more important. That’s where pipelines come in.

Reliable energy during a global pandemic


Pipeline operators are prepared to respond to all kinds of emergencies, including pandemics. When COVID-19 started to spread rapidly, companies were able to respond quickly and adapt to maintain a continuous supply of energy. In 2020 that was 4.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 1.3 billion barrels of oil that was safely delivered- energy that was used to feed North Americans, heat our homes, workplaces and hospitals and power our electricity systems. It was also used to manufacture medical supplies like masks and fuel the transport vehicles that delivered groceries and other supplies across the country.

COVID-19 impacted our lives in many ways, but it didn’t affect your access to reliable energy.

Watch this video on the industry’s COVID-19 response from Dean Liollio, Board Chair of CEPA and President of Plains Midstream Canada. 

Reliable energy into the future


As we move toward a lower-carbon future and new sources of energy are brought into the mix, Canada’s pipelines continue to evolve to ensure the energy supply remains reliable. For example, CEPA members are looking at ways to retrofit existing natural gas pipelines to carry more near zero-emission hydrogen.

In fact, natural gas will help enable the growth of renewable energy by providing a fail-safe backup fuel for alternatives like solar and wind. By-products of oil and gas are needed to build the equipment needed for renewables, like solar panels and wind turbines.

CEPA members significant economic contributions – more than a billion dollars in taxes in 2020 – will help fund the research and technology needed to diversify the energy mix.

Reliable energy for everyone


We are fortunate to have access to reliable energy in most of Canada, thanks to our expansive network of pipelines that runs from coast to coast. Looking to the future, we must find ways to expand to more remote areas of the country to ensure everyone has consistent access to energy products.

Canada also has an important role to play in helping other countries and the 940 million people around the world who don’t have electricity. Canada is the fourth largest producer and sixth largest exporter of natural gas in the world, so the potential for us to give people access to reliable energy, while helping to cut global emissions is huge. By using this low emission energy source, in the form of natural gas or liquified natural gas (LNG) shipped worldwide, we can displace higher emitting fuel sources and cut global emissions significantly.


Canadian energy is here for you


The world needs reliable, resilient, sustainable and affordable energy. Canada’s critical transmissions pipeline network will continue to safely and responsibly deliver this energy meeting the needs of Canada and the world.