Canada’s energy industry: We help make memorable summers

In the depths of winter, most Canadians count the weeks and days ’til summer. And, we try to fit in as much summer fun as we can before September. No matter the season, it’s timely to remember how our energy resources are as integral to Canadian summers as they are year-round.

Planning a road trip with the family? Backyard BBQ with friends? A weekend away camping? Conquering the trails on a bike? Or taking in one of the many music festivals around the country? Whatever you’re doing, easy access to energy helps make it happen.

Summer activities wouldn’t be the same without oil and gas. Here are five ways Canada’s energy industry helps make summers memorable.


1. Paddleboarding on your agenda this summer?


Most paddle boards are made of some form of fibre glass, epoxy, polyethylene and other forms of plastics derived from fossil fuels.


2. A relaxing bike ride in the park with friends…

Bike Ride

Oil and gas derivatives are used to manufacture bicycles, most backpacks, bike helmets, some bike clothing and even some park benches.


3. A long weekend away camping?


From the car, or truck you drive and the RV you tow, oil and gas will get you moving.


4. BBQed summer vegetables

Roasted veggies

Roasted to perfection by natural gas or propane fueled energy.


5. Hitting the links or playing another summer sport?


Oil and gas contributes to components that make up golf balls, footballs and basketballs.


Happy summer!