By the numbers: 4 key ways the pipeline industry keeps their operations safe

Pipeline safety is a complex issue, and pipeline operators don’t take any chances. In fact you might be surprised to learn how many solutions they have in their safety toolkit.

Whenever a pipeline is in operation, there are a number of technologies and safety measures in play at all times – from satellites hundreds of miles away, to sensors right inside the pipelines; and from planes that fly right-of-ways one at a time, to intelligent data processing solutions that can monitor thousands of gigabytes of information.

That’s a lot going on, and it all ties back to the pipeline industry’s commitment to safety through investment, monitoring and prevention. Check out these four graphics to see what we mean:

 pipeline integrity digs

pipeline industry commitment to safety pipeline investment in safety 

For more context on these numbers, check out our ‘Keeping Operations Safe’ Fact Sheet (PDF), and our 2016 Pipeline Performance Report.

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