Be safe while driving on bitumen

The Canada Safety Council has declared May 14 – 20 National Road Safety Week, a theme we at CEPA fully support. After all, our member companies and their staff, contractors and suppliers have numerous vehicles on the road year round. The pipeline industry takes safety seriously, and not just around pipelines, but in every community where we operate.

Thinking about National Road Safety Week did cause us to stop and ponder – would this be as prominent without pipelines? The asphalt itself is often formed using bitumen, so in some cases there would be no road without the product we transport safely every day.

The passenger cars, commercial vehicles, logging, mining, food and corporate fleet vehicles would have no fuel to move people, goods and services that our society requires without pipelines.

In fact the vehicles themselves, with their various plastic components and so on would be heavier, less fuel efficient and more expensive without the petroleum products supplied by pipeline operators.

So as you roll down the highway this week, think road safety first. When you safely arrive at your destination, think about how the road, vehicles, goods and services might not exist without pipelines.

Your life, as you know it, depends on both modes of thinking.