April is Dig Safe Month: Factors to think about before you dig

Did you know that damage to underground infrastructure, like gas lines and water pipes, costs Canadians at least $1 billion each year?

These costs include emergency response, evacuation, environmental damage and clean up, as well as business interruption costs – plus the potential for harm to people and property in the vicinity.

April 1 marks the official start of Dig Safe Month across Canada. Spearheaded by the Canadian Common Ground Alliance (CCGA), this month is dedicated to raising awareness of safe digging practices to improve safety and reduce damage to underground infrastructure.

The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association’s (CEPA) members operate approximately 118,000 kilometres of pipelines across Canada and work continuously to raise awareness and prevent the devastating effects of third-party damage to pipeline infrastructure.

In this week’s blog post, we share an infographic with simple reminders and things to consider before disturbing the ground for any of your upcoming outdoor projects. Consider bookmarking this blog post for future reference or downloading a PDF copy for yourself.

click before you dig graphic