6 ways your summer vacation would be different without oil and gas

Summer is almost here, and with it comes that time honoured tradition of the summer vacation. If you’re looking forward to yours, stop for a moment and consider how different your vacation would look in a world without oil and gas. Here are just a few of the differences you’d notice:

#1 No online booking

The device you’re reading this blog post on is made using petroleum products, including plastic and electronic components. It’s also probably the same device you’d use to research different destinations, and even book your trip. Without oil and gas products, none of that would be possible.

#2 Your vacation would be more staycation

Without the petroleum products used to make planes and other vehicles, not to mention the gas that fuels them, you would find yourself staying very close to home on your next vacation. Trips to exotic locations would be a thing of the past.

#3 Your vacation wardrobe would be a lot less fun

A quick check in your wardrobe will probably uncover a variety of fabrics such as Lycra, rayon, polyester and more, all of which are made using petroleum products. It’s hard to imagine a dip in the ocean or the hotel pool, without the figure hugging Lycra or polyester that helps your swimsuit keep its shape in the water.

#4 Back to nature? Back to the drawing board!

If getting back to nature is your kind of vacation, a world without oil and gas would force you to rethink your approach. Your tent, hiking boots, sleeping bag and waterproofs are a few of the many outdoor adventure products that are only possible thanks to oil and gas. And, of course, that camp stove wouldn’t work without fuel.

#5 You’d have trouble avoiding a sunburn

There’s a very good chance that your favourite sunscreen product contains petroleum products, so you’d need to find another way to keep the sun off your skin. You might consider wearing a hat, but on the other hand, good luck finding one that’s made without oil and gas!

#6 Wave goodbye to passion fruit and Mai Tais

If exotic foods and drinks are on your list of vacation essentials, you’d have to content yourself with more local fare. Not only would you be staying closer to home, so would your favourite treats.

This has been a light-hearted look at some of the ways your vacation would be different without oil and gas. To learn more about how you use petroleum products every day, check out ‘6 ways your life would be different without oil and gas.’