5 things to know about clean-burning, cost-efficient natural gas

Natural gas is among Canada’s most abundant and cleanest energy resources. Indeed, 27 per cent of Canada’s energy needs are provided by natural gas. The convenient, reliable use of the natural gas we require for transportation, heating, electrical generation and other daily needs would not be possible without the vast network of transmission pipelines operated by CEPA member companies.

natural gas

As we move into the fall and winter heating season, we thought it might be a good time to talk about natural gas and its benefits.

  1. Natural gas is an excellent transportation fuel. It burns cleanly, with minimal emissions. It can also save money when compared to more traditional fuels — up to 20 per cent — making it a very good choice for trucking fleets.
  2. Raw natural gas can be processed to extract other forms of energy. After the natural gas is sent by pipeline to a processing facility, natural gas liquids like ethane, propane and butane are separated from the natural gas for use in manufacturing, transportation and as a heat source.
  3. According to the Canadian Gas Association, natural gas in the form of liquefied natural gas (LNG) would be a great option for Canada’s North. Natural gas can be cooled to -162 C, which dramatically reduces its volume. It can then be safely transported in significant amounts to communities in remote parts of Canada. The natural gas delivery industry is working on just such a solution for northern people and businesses.
  4. Natural gas could support an affordable and reliable electrical system. Integration of the existing natural gas and electric networks could alleviate the burden of renewing infrastructure.
  5. According to Natural Resources Canada, our natural gas resource base offers up to 300 years of supply at current rates of production. This should come in handy as Canadians are among the world’s highest per capita energy users.


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